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FE's Fate

Did the appraiser dance today, but finally haggled out a valuation of the car at about 2900. Bought the car back. think their price was high for salvage. They wanted 370 after their man asked if the engine was good. They told him yes.Well, I know its good, and they might believe its good, but I asked her how they would really know the condition of the engine? Even a 240 engine doesn't have enough value at 150k for someone to really want to sit it in the yard. No, its going to scrap if it doesn;t sell in the few weeks the car sits in their yard as they wait for their weight price.

Will deal it with when I have a chance to go buy agent. I want it to go down about 70$. I was initially told 200-300, this is a hundred bucks higher.

In any case, I did get enough to fix the car, and the question is...will I? Depends on the insurability of the car. Do I do a quick fix, after finding a white door and letting a friend work his bend magic? Use the rest of the money to fix one or two small things? Or does she get the whole job?

We'll see after the final snarl with them is over.


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