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How to change the camshaft oil seal? S40-V40

no I have'nt had my pulleys off but if you mark the camshafts you should be ok.
Have you looked on Vadis how they are aligned?
All they say the cams must locked up is to stop them turning off the top of the cam.
You just have to turn them back as you fit the belt,if you turn them the right way you won't do any damage.
If they have a mills(roll) pin as the crankshaft pulley then you can't get it wrong.
If you're not happy why not make a tool to lock them up,it's not much trouble to make.
The auxillary tensioner is entirely up to you as it's not engine threatening like the timing belt one.
You can grease them by gently picking out the grease seal either with a sharply ground screwdriver or a tool goung to a point.
Clean as much of the old grease out and repack it,you must use high melting point grease,the same as for wheel bearings and then make sure the seal is flat and refit it .
I used a socket as a drift slightly smaller the the diameter of the seal.


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New How to change the camshaft oil seal? [S40-V40]
posted by  kilou  on Sun Feb 15 05:17 CST 2004 >

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