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yo bricksters, got a Q about what year xc to buy? V70-XC70

If I had a good 745 or 245 that did not have body rot, I would never buy a newer Volvo to replace it.

We have 2008 and 2012 XC70s - that we really enjoy - but they are expensive to repair. I only got newer Bricks because our pair of 855s needed a lot of replacement of parts that wore out. Out 17 year old '96 855R was still a hoot to drive, but develop[ed rot behind the rear passenger door.

I actually got a free '92 245 and a $200 '90 745, both cars were registered and had current Massachusetts inspection stickers.

I asked my wife which one I should bring ip to stage I ( up to proper maintenance standards ) so that we could sell the '08 and use the older car as a second car.

My wife told me that she would never drive the older car! ( Happy wife, happy life. )

I think that Klaus has the right idea.

When you get to Washington, you can probably find a nice used Volvo there - even if you have to travel to California, to avoid the tin worm.

Be sure to get the hitch weight correct and don't hammer the car.

We are going to northern Minnesota for the 10th time to visit our daughter and this year we are going through Canada - we drove over the great lakes before, and the trip was smooth and enoyable and only took 1/2 a day longer than blasting across route 90.

An anecdote - the $200 745 had bad paint on the roof and hood, but the owner's uncle ( she had just graduated from college ) had prepped the car to go cross country and told her to take the 745 instead of the 2008 Toyota that her parents had given her as a graduation gift - except for the paint, it was a sweet car!

I plan to find a good 745 next summer and see if my wife will be willing to drive it.


New yo bricksters, got a Q about what year xc to buy? [V70-XC70]
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