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Big Oil Leak At 3000 RPM, From Where? V70-XC70 1999

I have an oil leak at the timing belt end of my 99 V70, non-turbo. I have been trying to find the source for a while, but the other day I needed to replace the alternator, so I investigated some more. I found a broken vacuum line connector behind the power steering pump that connected the intake manifold to a hose that disappeared behind the intake manifold, and thought it might supply the crankcase ventilation system, but repairing it did not help.

I have done the rubber glove finger test on the dipstick, but the results seemed not to be conclusive. Mostly a vacuum is apparent, but occasionally the finger stands up. I connected my Mighty Vac to the dip stick tube, and the needle did not move. The Mighty Vac can also register small positive pressure, and it is quite sensitive. I suppose it is possible that a seal has already been blown out, which would not allow either a pressure or vacuum reading.

While changing the alternator, I removed the top and front cover of the timing belt area. The timing belt is dry, and the back sides of the cam wheels are dry. The back side of the crank sprocket cannot be seen. The auxiliary drive belt has been getting well oiled.

With the T-belt covers off and the engine idling, I watched for a leak and found none. Then I held the engine (sitting in the car) at 3000 RPMs for a while, and when I looked, I found oil had been dripping off of the front (right side) of the engine. I was by myself, so I propped the throttle to 2500 RPMs to watch the engine in action, and I saw no leaking. Then I propped the throttle to 3000 RPMx, and observed a small steady stream of oil running off of the inside plastic timing cover at about where the rear lower tab for the outer cover locates. However, because everything is so jammed in there and hard to see, I could not actually see where the oil is coming from.

This is a large leak. It is a small continuous stream, not just a drip, but only starting at about 3000 RPMs, or at least something over 2500 RPMs.

Because of the location, I suspect either the front main seal or the oil pump. But, I would like to know if there is anything else on the front (right side) of the engine that is likely to leak. Part of my problem is that if strip the timing belt and sprockets off of the engine, and the cause is not apparent, I can no longer run the engine to observe the leak.

So, are there any ideas for likely sources of the leak?

Thanks, Charley


New Big Oil Leak At 3000 RPM, From Where? [V70-XC70][1999]
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