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Lumbar issue (97 850) 850 1997

I'm convinced the lumbar support in my 850 is wonky.

But i'm not sure what the issue is. My back has been killing me driving it (but not in my mercedes). I have the support all the way tightened but it doesn't seem to be supporting me at all. It almost feels like my back is arching backwards into the seat OR the bottom of the seat is just tilted too low (I've adjusted the seat positions every way till sunday, but it doesn't matter. Is there a manual tilt I'm missing? I know on the seats w/out electric movement you can raise and lower the seats a bit...is that also an option on the seats with electric movement?)

I feel like the passenger seat is much tighter, tho I'm not sure.

Is the lumbar support in the 850 seats as easy to access/repair as the ones in the 240 seats (I had an 85 240)?

I did fix the electric tilt on my old 93, so I know how to remove the seat cover, so I'm not worried about that. However, I just wonder if this is a common issue/easy fix.
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New Lumbar issue (97 850) [850][1997]
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