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S60 DTC P0090, either runs fine or dies right away

2004 S60 turbo. Either runs fine or stalls right after starting. Pulled DTC P0090.

Longer story, car was running fine, then one day when starting (cold engine) it died right away. Several start attempts, engine caught, ran a second or a few, then died. Sat 10 minutes, started up, drove home with no problems.
Several start attempts at home, engine ran for a few seconds then died. Read DTC P0090 and decided to replace the fuel pressure sensor. That did not Seem to help. Car stalled right after starting.

Car sat a couple weeks, tried again, it started and idled fine for several minutes (not yet ready to go somewhere). Currently no CEL, no codes found.

So, car either runs fine or dies. What to do?


New S60 DTC P0090, either runs fine or dies right away
posted by  thaywood  on Fri Apr 19 10:20 CST 2019 >

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