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What is the correct order to bleed the brake calipers on a 2016 XC90 T8? XC90 2016

Hello All,

I own a 2016 XC90 T8 Hybrid Plug-In. When replacing the brake fluid on my two 850 wagons, the Haynes manual that I referred to said that you bleed the brake calipers by starting at the rear wheel furtherest away from the master cylinder, i.e. the rear passenger side wheel. Then you move onto the next farthest away wheel, i.e. the rear driver's side wheel. The last brake caliper you bleed is the front driver's side wheel.

The other night I saw a video (YouTube) on bleeding the brakes late model XC70 wagon. The fellow in the video seemed competent and knowledgeable. He was using a Motive Power Bleeder. According to this man who made the video, he said that pursuant to the "VIDA" which is Volvo's instruction data base used at Volvo dealerships to advise dealer technicians, the order in which you should bleed the brake calipers was just the opposite of what I had read in the Haynes service manual for 850s. Namely, you should start with the wheel closes to the master cylinder, i.e. the front driver's wheel and then the front passenger side wheel, and then the rear driver's side caliper and then finally the rear passenger side wheel.

Does anyone know definitively what order should be followed in bleeding the brake calipers?

Thanks in advance to all who respond.



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posted by  Hugh  on Thu Apr 18 21:18 CST 2019 >

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