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Frothy oil V70-XC70 1999

To give a bit more detail to the situation...I noticed bubbles in the oil immediately after changing the oil, on first startup. I do not recall if I checked the oil before changing it, but I usually do, just to see how much oil was consumed since the last change. (And if I did check it, nothing unusual appeared.)

This is a car that I rarely use, but when I do, I usually go on long trips. (25 to 600 miles)

I have never changed the PCV on this car (I bought it new, so that means no one else has changed it either), It seems like major surgery compared to changing a PCV on virtually every other car. I never worried about it, since this car has no sludge. It has always run synthetic oil, and I changed it every 3,000 miles for the first 10 years, then switched to every 5,000.

My plan, at this point, is to send an oil sample to a lab and have it analyzed. Hopefully they will say there is no coolant in the oil. If there is shown to be no coolant in the oil, perhaps removing the dipstick tube and inserting the dipstick directly into the block will show whether or not the foam is coming from the tube itself, as someone suggested. although I doubt it is in the dipstick tube, since, if I let the car sit for 2 days and check the oil, there is no froth until I start the engine.


New Frothy oil [V70-XC70][1999]
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