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Rear door speaker size 1997 850 850 1997

I've run into an issue regarding the speakers.

I have noticed that the web implies the rear door speakers are 5.25", but a 5.25" speaker will not fit into the housing that the speakers sit in.

I measured the front door speakers (which are 5.25") and they are at 5.25" across. Then I measured the rear door speaker and it's 6" across.

Whats the deal? I did read that the 96 and 97 850's had a redesign of the audio system, but the rear door speakers from my 93 are the same size as the ones from my 97.

Which brings me to my main question. IF the front speakers measure 5.25" (and thus are called 5 1/4 inch speakers), and the rear door speakers measure 6", would one assume that the correct speakers for the rear doors are in fact, 6" speakers?

Are 5.25" speakers used because you're NOT supposed to re-use the housing?

(pardon my frustration. It stems from the fact that I purchased 5.25" "Alpine" speakers on ebay, only to receive 4 inch kicker speakers instead)

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