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1991-2000 850/v70 slim channel mount roof racks parts number?? 850

I was hoping to get a wagon but our family's retired mechanic offered up his own pristine and beautifully maintained 1995 850 sedan with under 90K miles....which I couldn't turn down.

But I often need to transport stuff bigger then a sedan can handle especially the dainty trunk the 850 has compared to a 240. I can get those clamp on crossbar racks but they are ugly!

I saw a swell pic of a Vo 850 sedan with slim channel mount roof racks. Just google "Volvo 850 roof rack" and it's the first pic. (from another forum so I don't want to post someone else pic)

I doubt if there were actual factory racks provided for the sedan as it was the only picture I found but I would so like to find a pair. I am assuming they were created from a wagon rack.

I understand the slim channel racks were used on the 855 and the early v70s up to 2000. Does anyone know if there is a parts number for these slim channel side racks? A parts number or actual part name would help find the proper channel rack rather then the wide 2001 and newer racks.

There's a set for sale from a 1999 2000 Volvo V70 XC70 V70R....would that fit?

Thanks for any info.


New 1991-2000 850/v70 slim channel mount roof racks parts number?? [850]
posted by  Tuckertdog  on Mon Dec 31 09:49 CST 2018 >

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