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Bought a new 850. 97, GLT, white. 850

So I finally decided to stop chasing that wild goose, and purchased a 1997 850, with approx 170K on it, from the original owners.

It has some issues (already bought the timing belt kit and the pcv kit) but it's mostly cosmetic (seats mostly). I am swapping out the seat bottoms from my 93, and the door panels.

I have 2 spots that need to be painted, the side mirror and the molding around the side rear window (the one that is A shaped).

Does that come off easily? I'll need to sand it, prime it, paint it and put a top coat on it. And I figure that will be easier than doing it on the car.

1985 245. 246K Gone..but not forgotten. Sold in 2013, found 2018! Still running on the road. Of course. 1993 Volvo 850 soon to be gone


New Bought a new 850. 97, GLT, white. [850]
posted by  Shaughnessy  on Mon Dec 24 16:18 CST 2018 >

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