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Leather treatment V70-XC70 2006

I highly recommend Leatherique 16oz restore kit. Since it's winter and I can't wait, the back seat cushion came inside (process needs heat) Without extra heat, I did extra time and extra applications. This should also help with cardboard hard leather. I watched zillions of videos about leather.The Rejuvenator seems to be very close to actual leather tanning solution. It fixes cracks, while both swelling and tightening (I don't know how it can do both). It enhanced my previous treatments nicely -just what was hoped for. Also all cracks in center flat section were brown from PO, the colored balm (fron Furniture CLinic) I had used [over previous months] held up after melting a little, but played nicely with the Leatherique. I can't wait for warm weather to do more, but the Prestine is supposed to be great on its own. [color of photos is unaltered, and 'befores' have a yellow cast -the treatment did not dramatically deepen the color as it appears (no coloring done on this treatment)] Without summer heat, there was more time and coatings applied. See multiple YouTube videos and Leatherique site photo examples. Also, this is easier on Nordkap. Lighter colored leathers will likely have their cracks darken, and might need some clever pigmentation, or contact the company for pigmenting options.

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New 1 Leather treatment [V70-XC70][2006]
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