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So 850 front camber is not adjustable by normal means. 850 1995

I replaced a bunch of parts and was just about to take my car to be aligned. I was suspecting a camber problem on the pass side as the tire wears more on the inside and my son did tangentially wack the car against a tree 10 years ago. R fender has a dent for sure. That incident finally got me to replace the right strut as it looked bent (24 years old too) , but probably wasn't bent now that it's on the workbench to be examined. So maybe it's good Camber is not adjustable, I'm off the hook on an alignment and i can hope wish the new strut will be an improvement. NOW FOR THE QUESTION - there is a volvo CAMBER procedure to drill out the holes on the strut and then there are a bunch of parts. These parts:
Install Washer (3 546 451-0) 35464510?
Install Fixing Plug (3 546 450-2)
Clamping Pin (951 950-5) 9519505?
Eccentric Bolt (3 546449-4) 35464494?
Bolt (977 267-4)

I couldn't find these part #'s by plugging them into a volvo internet seller. I tried to take the dashes and spaces out, no help. It would be nice to have these parts on hand, 1. for fun, 2. So i could adjust camber in the next 30 years. Any ideas on these parts? the numbers, or even confirmation that camber is not adjustable.

I also saw some videos where some 850's have a removable lower ball joint - maybe those cars can adjust camber via balljoint position. My car has fixed ball joint and control arm. For now - not interested in spending $$ for a toe in adjustment only.


New So 850 front camber is not adjustable by normal means. [850][1995]
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