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Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75W-80 Manual Trans Fluid 850 1995

My 850 is back on the road after 13 months. When I took the passenger axle out 12 months ago a bit of my 5 speed gear oil came out , I forget how much, maybe 4 oz. I see it holds 2.1 litres. Considering the car was jacked up more on the pass side I was suprised some came out. Now I'm a bit paranoid that some bearings might not be oiled enough. My owners manual says 1161423 is the proper lube but that seems to be superceded by another part # which is also no longer available. This Titan lube advertises to be the right stuff. Yea?

As usually i may not get to this, now that it is my daily driver I don't want to deal with issues of getting those drain plugs out, plus the car is outside now. Still I'm ready to order. I owners manual doesn't even say if this is GL4 or GL5.


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New Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75W-80 Manual Trans Fluid [850][1995]
posted by  Three5bangers  on Fri Dec 7 08:28 CST 2018 >

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