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AWD question... V70-XC70


So a little background first.

I bought a 2007 XC70 this past February with a blown head. That was fixed and the car runs great. However, it was discovered at that time that the AWD was non-functional in two areas; the angle gear and the DEM.

An angle gear was purchased from the local PNP and rebuilt and is now installed in the car. The original one may be ok, however the collar sleeve was stripped and replaced and the rebuilt angle gear installed. The original one will be rebuilt next summer when things warm up.

The DEM was diagnosed to be bad after I ran through XeMODeX fault tracing, which is located on their web site. All the fluids have been changed and the pump has been deemed to operate properly.

With all this in mind, here is my question.

Currently I do not have the driveshaft installed, though I would like to put it in place this weekend and then all I will have to do is have the DEM repaired.

Will a non-functioning DEM cause any damage to my Haldex unit if the driveshaft is installed and now spinning, though the pump is not running on the Haldex unit? I know the rear tires will not provide any traction, but is there any chance I can damage the Haldex by having a non-functioning DEM in place?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks in advance,



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