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uneven pad wear, front V70-XC70 2004

I changed the front pads (akebono euro) and rotors (original volvo) in the last 1,000-1,500 miles and had a squeal when I first take off and they are cold. As soon as it warms up the squeal is gone. The brakes work great. The pins are in great shape, lubed up good, and everything is torqued and thread-locked (where necessary). I put the brakes back together (for the time being) and the noise is gone and they work great.

The pads and rotors are wearing unevenly. The outer surface of the rotor is only wearing on the outer 60% and the outer pad is the same. The same uneven pad and rotor wear on the inside, except it's the inner of the pad and rotor.

Ready for this? Both front wheels have the same thing...

Do caliper brackets warp, and do both warp at the same time?
Do brake pads vary in production such that I have a "bad batch".
Is there any harm in just letting the wear-in and waiting to see what happens (because they work great)?

BTW the car has 419,000 miles.


New uneven pad wear, front [V70-XC70][2004]
posted by  Hovonogila  on Sun Sep 16 19:15 CST 2018 >

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