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Reviving a 2003 V70 LPT AWD - has sat for a year - project V70-XC70

Hello All - I am back from several years (had 98 V70 T5 - totalled, and then 03' V70 T5).

I came across a risk/experiment/Challenge near me in Toronto.
Low Km (130k) - all their family V70 no longer used and has been sitting for a year.

Taking a chance - battery is flat, owner says it has had key error when last tried to start (RFID RING??).

The car is low KM, all there with no abuse inside and out pretty decent, so it bugs me to make it run and go from there!

My plan, and I have a few questions as well:
Charge the battery and check current draw on it with everything off.

Light up the power/key on - check dash display for codes using the turn signal switch/combination to cycle through.

Try the key in the door lock - lock unlock 5 times and see what messages come up on the dash re: immobilizer etc.

When if get cranking, crank to bring up oil pressure before firing by flooring accelerator to keep injectors off (and or with plugs out to unload the bearings). (may pump the oil out 1st regardless - it is not black and opque, but does look dark brown like maple syrup).

IF the RFID slip ring is bad - can I clean??, or how would I definitively diagnose this?
Also having sat so long I suspect there will be wiring intermittents - in particular the starter trigger wire.

I will also I am certain need to take the wheels off and free up the calipers and clean the rotors (brakes were recently done before parking).

Any suggestions, answers, encouragments appreaciated.

Has anyone seen a write up on ADDING a key cylinder to the tailgate, as there is no lock cylinder and without power you cannot unlatch.

There is no pressing timeline to this project, other than know within a month if it is a go or no-go further, and part out.....

Thanks in advance, won't have till next week but planning and researching ahead.

Pete in Toronto


New Reviving a 2003 V70 LPT AWD - has sat for a year - project [V70-XC70]
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