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Why does my XC burn through exhaust valves? V70-XC70 1999

Hello All,

I have a 1999 V70 AWD XC wagon. I purchased it used with 12,000 miles. Since I have had the car, I have religiously changed the oil with full synthetic every 5,000 miles. I also ran the car on 87 octane, thought Volvo recommended 91 (I believe). At 163,000 miles the compression in cylinder #1 was bad due to burnt exhaust valves. I had all the valves replaced along with valve stem seals and had the head machined. 30,000 miles later cylinder #2 was diagnosed with poor compression due to burnt exhaust valves. At the time, the cylinder for #2 was full with a pool of oil. This was not due to worn oil filler gasket. I replace the oil filler gasket every 30,000 miles when I turn the car up. My mechanic did check the piston rings and they are in good shape and not the cause for the presence of oil in cylinder #2.

I am having all the valves and valve stem seals replaced and I am also having the head machined. My mechanic who did the last valve job said he has seen XC wagon burn up exhaust valves. My questions are:

1) Has anyone else experienced repeated episodes of burnt valves on the early XC models?

2) I have been using 87 octane all along. Could that be the cause for why I am burning through exhaust valves? If it is, why didn't I burn through the exhaust valves sooner than 163,000 miles and of course, the next question is, why did the valves only last 30,000 miles?

Thanks in advance to all who reply.



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