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Water in front passenger foot well 850 1995

Ah - car is not registered but was parked nose down on my hilly driveway. I was shocked to find water in the pass footwell. There has been a lot of rain lately, I spent some time in the car 10 days ago and didn't notice it then.

For some reason the pass rear door seal droops down on top horizontal section. It's been like this for a long time. Is this normally glued? Perhaps Hanz forgot glue when car was made. I think i fixed this before the big rains, as if i hold it up and shut the door no drooping is seen across the top (for 10 inches!) .

I don't know that this was the source of the the leak , there was a tissue under the front pass seat, dry as a bone.

Some trim across the windshield top and rear window top has disappeared over the years.

I'm thinking windshield leak - that expensive glue dries and shrinks after 23.8 years. I have the luxury of completely removing the glove box - since the latch broke years ago and is NLA. Now trace of water behind the glove box.

TV show wheeler dealers once used a smoke machine to find water leaks. I see some smoke machines used to find leaks in the gas EVAP systems for $100. I think to find leaks by filling the cabin requires a expensive smoke machine. They rented one for maybe $100 on the TV show. Great ideal though.

Door gaskets seem to be in good shape, but 95 Volvo is my newest car. I'm used to older ones leaking water.

I souped up water with a plastic dust pan, then used a hair dries as I expect to keep this 850 for many more years.

Think it's the windshield or maybe that trim is important. I think the trim was just black rubber and popped into a grove across the top of the windshield and it perhaps blew away 10 years ago before I had a chance to tend to it.


New Water in front passenger foot well [850][1995]
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