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PITA C70 1998

4 hours?! Damn. I didn't have that sort of patience.

I'd say that the best part is when I was first trying to remove it. I was using a 1/4-3/8 wobble end, which worked great for removal - until it got wedged against the 14mm head of the AC bolt - probably stripping some aluminum before I realized what had happened. I attempted to remove the 14mm AC bolt, but it was the proverbial immovable object and there was no space to move even a ratcheting wrench.

I'm still thinking about the IPD Phenolic Spacer kit. Removing the intake to install that kit would give me a good opportunity to go after Mr 10mm nightmare bolt with fewer restrictions. I'm really lucky that I didn't break my hand while I was under there. I was actually able to shove my head up into the small cavity to see the bolt, but now I've got oil in my hair. :)

I'm going to try and excise all any and all URO parts from the car, which will also give me a good excuse to get down under the intake (Oil Trap and PCV Hose is URO)...

Fun stuff all-around. This engine sometimes feels like a big F-You from Uncle Olaf


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New ANSWERED 1 Oil leak above filter - tight quarters [C70][1998]
posted by  RepairmanJackal  on Tue Jan 31 19:52 CST 2012 >

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