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yo bricksters, got a Q about what year xc to buy? V70-XC70

i bought a super low mileage 2001 xc, in '08. that ran flawlessly, even when driven hard in vermont. then it started to have wacky tranny issues, sometimes top gear would pop in and out on the highway and the bevel gear sounded like there were russian elves inside. so i spit shined her and dumped it for what i paid for it and told the new owner good luck.

i am going to be making a major move from mass to wash, i'm sick of it here! and i want to upgrade again. currently driving an 83 245 named sophie, that i scored for $300, but i have some reservations about her pulling a trailer 3000+mi. she's a great wagon, put my volvo sheepskinners in there and a stereo. even came decked out with 4 brand new michelins. runs like a top, suppose, it would be a great adventure. (ooohhh, reminds me of my beloved 82, gave that one away. to someone that really needed a set of reliable wheels, because he was sick.)

i digress, going to go and look at an 03 xc tomorrow and was just curious what the AWD folks think are decent years, for AWD systems and tranny reliability issues. thanks in advance and just would like to add. you guys rule! i only belong to, two forums. one for angry veterans and one for happy peeps. the ones tapping on brake lenses at gas stations to get the bulb to come on and getting a thumbs by the guy watching you do it. 50%italianand50%swede...out


New yo bricksters, got a Q about what year xc to buy? [V70-XC70]
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