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p0234, p0101, and p0171 S40-V40

Hi all,

I solved many of my problems with last week's replacement of the front O2 sensor. Now I've got the 3 remaining codes to address.

P0234 turbo over boost: I've seen on other sites that this is likely a Boost Control Valve. Any thoughts on this? I understand it is an easy repair.

P0101: Mass or Volume air flow A circuit range/performance: I've seen on this or other sites that the likely culprit is the idle adjustment sensor (I think I've got that correct), not the mass airflow sensor.

P0171 Bank 1 System too lean: Wondering if this is a result of the 2 above.

As always, your help is much appreciated!


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New p0234, p0101, and p0171 [S40-V40]
posted by  gfilippi  on Sun Oct 17 06:17 CST 2010 >

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