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Is it a limited slip differential? XC90 2008

I cannot speak to the components in your car of course. You will have to do the research on that, and if you do please report back here with what you find.

I /can/ speak about the components in my car 1998 V70 AWD.

To the best of my knowledge - unfortunately I no longer remember where I picked this bit of info up so I have no evidence... - the rear diff in this car is an Eaton unit with limited slip. This is why the limited slip additive is required.

This was done intentionally to provide a simulation of true 4 wheel drive. The ABS system is 3 channel (2 front, one for both rear tires) so the traction control can help keep power on one side or the other on the front axle. In the rear, it will get power via the prop shaft/VC if the front wheels are spinning. If one or the other of the rear wheels is also slipping the limited slip rear diff will help keep the power to whichever wheel has traction.

Again I can't speak to what happened to this part in later years. I am pretty confident in the information I have just posted above. I will welcome any criticism or refutation if anyone has any better information or evidence.

A 2008 XC90 is both very similar to the early AWDs like mine and also very different.

The 'center' coupling was changed from a VC in 2002 to a Haldex unit in 2003.

Various versions of the Haldex have been used, but Volvo has never used a Haldex to control the side-to-side split like the Saab XWD.

So either
- they have improved the rear wheel traction control immensely to provide the side-to-side control necessary (very possible - less expensive to build but also less effective))(Audi calls this "Electronic Differential Lock")

- or they have stuck with some version of a LSD (also possible - more expensive but more effective)

- or they have given up on the need for side-to-side split altogether (seems unlikely to me)

1998 V70 AWD->FWD Turbo 200k+


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New Bevel Gear Inspection [XC90][2008]
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