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98 V70 T5 Won't start V70-XC70 1998

98 V70 T5 150,000 miles. No prior problems. Got car washed, started to accelerate away from car wash, engine missed a bit, then smoothed out-thought maybe missing was related to car wash. Got on freeway, drove 30 miles to destination, engine ran ok, but bucked on acceleration. Turned off car. Twenty minutes later, I tried to restart engine and engine would start, run rough for just a second and die. Would just catch and die, never got past low rpm start. I’ve had ce light on for months, with po445 and po442 codes. I opened hood to see if anything obvious was wrong and discovered large hole in vacuum line below valve cover on driver side of engine (this has probably been like this for months). I used a piece of surgical tubing to replace vacuum line. The car started, I drove it 30 miles back home but on freeway, engine died, no response to gas pedal, then engine started running again before I coasted to side of road. This happened three times. Coming down freeway off ramp, engine died again. Coasted into parking lot, opened hood, checked to see if surgical tubing had melted, it was intact, got in car, tried to start again, and it fired, and I drove it home the remaining mile. Wife was following me in her car and said my car was emitting "bad smell" as it drove down the freeway. The next morning, I purchased new piece of vacuum line, replaced the surgical tubing that I had used to fix the leak. I tried to start, and engine started, ran very rough, lots of white/black smoke coming from exhaust. After less than a minute, the engine died. Engine will not start or even catch at all and have been trying for days. I can smell gasoline after I try to start the car. I disconnected the gas line at the fuel rail. Fuel is pumping when engine is cranked. Pulled one of the plugs and confirmed there is spark. Car does not fire at all now. Just turns over. Pulled codes po172, po455, po442 and po103. Cleared all codes. Engine just spins at cranking. Now I don’t think problem was related to the broken vacuum line, as hole in vaccuum line has probably been that way for months. Cost of tow to my mechanic is going to be $200 to $300. Looking for some input for what the problem might possibly be so maybe can get the engine started again and drive the car to mechanic instead of tow.
John K
1998 V70 T5


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New 98 V70 T5 Won't start [V70-XC70][1998]
posted by  john k.  on Sun Dec 13 05:08 CST 2009 >

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