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Tires, tire rotation, replacing only two worn tires, etc V70-XC70

I recently bought a 2005 V70 FWD 2.5t with 60,000 miles on it. The front tires were new, put on the car by the dealer. They are a high mileage Goodyear Eagle brand. The rear tires had about half of their tread remaining and had a manufacturer date of 2808 so had likely been on the car for 15 months. They are a grippier rubber, so are wearing fast.

Several questions came to mind because the mileage differences between front and read needed explanation. First thought was that the tires were never rotated, so the front tires wore more quickly. Second thought was that the front end had problems and wore out the tires (this was checked and is not the cause.) Since the front tires were likely the second set, and wore out after 60,000 miles, I wondered if the V70 was hard on tires.

I learned that Volvo does not have a recommendation on tire rotation. The theory is that a tire wears into a pattern that is "right" for that position on the car, and rotation requires each tire to wear into a new pattern. Comments please.

I also found a link to a Michelin website that informs the viewer that the good tires should always be on the rear (FWD, RWD, AWD). The video shows the difference between two identical cars with only tire position differing. The first car had new tires on the front, half used tires on the rear. The second car had the tires reversed. The car was driven on a wet track at 45 mph and the first car lost control when the rear broke loose and came around.

So to my questions... First, my rear tires are "stickier" although worn more. Should I put them on the front? Second, the car is FWD and I live in snow country, so should I have better tread in front? (Is the 50% tread on the older tires adequate for traction?) Third, should I replace the rear tires to match the front tires? Fourth, should I put the older tires on front to wear them out sooner and then match the Goodyear Eagles? Last, maybe the Goodyear Eagle is not the best tire for the car, so should I look for a new set of 4 tires (and should I rotate them)?


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New Tires, tire rotation, replacing only two worn tires, etc [V70-XC70]
posted by  lair4volvos  on Tue Nov 24 15:44 CST 2009 >

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