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Suggestions for buying a 850 850

I usually hang around in 200 section of this forum . I am thinking of buying a newer wagon , volvo 940 turbo or may be 850 turbo wagon.I see lots of 850 on sale as compared to a good 940 turbo. So I am focusing on 850 .
My experience is limited to a 1990 240 which I have been maintaining for little more than 2 year.

Here is a list of what I want to know about the 850.

What is the ease of repair for a average DIY guy. (e.g. timing belt)

What is the cost of maintenance?

How reliable is this model line.

What should be reasonable mileage of this model

How is turbo model compared to na engine.

Is the manual transmission available in this model.

What is the general impression as compared to 240.

My aim is to get a 1997 850 GLT wagon



New Suggestions for buying a 850 [850]
posted by  gopeshs  on Sun Jul 29 05:58 CST 2007 >

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