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Jar in Asheville S60 2001

We made our trip east to Columbia, SC for a friend's wedding just fine and
had a great time, then drove north to Asheville, NC to see and jam with a
fellow that we had not seen in about 40 years. (shameless plug: the Blue Ridge
Music Store in Asheville) Getting ready to go to the jam we edged onto
what seemed to be a lull in traffic on US 25/Hendersonville road to have
a red pickup appear out of nowhere (around a blind curve), lock his wheels
and hit the left front of our S60 T5. Other friends took us to the jam, which
was great, and the car is in Asheville being fixed, most of which will be
replacement of plastic bumper, left headlights and possibly the hood.
Meanwhile we are in PA in a rented Chevy Cobalt, not near the car the S60 T5
is, but it DID get 36 mpg coming up from Asheville. I am really hoping the
S60 will be ready when we get back next Monday or Tuesday...
Hoping to see Volvo guys in Harrisburg/Carlisle tomorrow after which we go
to the NC Coast for the weekend.
Hope you all are great,
George Downs Bartlesville, Heart of the USA!


New Jar in Asheville [S60][2001]
posted by  walrus3  on Thu Jul 26 03:53 CST 2007 >

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