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V70 AC R134a overcharge

Right so I got a few bottles of R134a at WallMart with a gauge and all. I followed the instructions and filled with 2x 12oz of refrigerant. It was cold outside about 36F, but the engine was runnign warm.

I could see from the guage that the compressors was cycling fast at too low a pressure. Adding the 2 cans of R134a made it all come together nicely with the low pressure end not dropping to below 23psi, the lower pressure cut out of the compressor. The cycle is now about 20-30 sec at idle.

All seemed well til I started looking on the net about recharging. There seem to be a lot of people that think it is a bad idea to top up, since you do not know how much is left and thus do not know the total system fill. Mind you these are all the specialists that seem to benefit from their "advice". Their general advice was to not touch it yourself and go to a shop instead, what sort of advice is that!

Now I am concerned I have overfilled the system, something I guess will be especially problematic when the temperature starts to rise. There is however a high pressure cut out switch in the system, which I assume protects the system from blowing up. But does that mean that it will now be inefficient since it will be cycling at high pressure in/out?

So my questions. Can I diagnose if I have overfilled the system by checking the HP switch? Assuming it cuts in, should I release some refrigerant till that does not happen and should it then be fine, or is not normal for the HP switch to kick in? And what is the influence on the weather, should I be using different pressures or does warming up the system make it indifferent to the weather.

What are the risks associated with overfilling the system, is it just going to be inefficient, or can something break?

Your answers would be much appriciated.

V70 1998 90kMiles


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