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2004 XC90 FWD - Frontend Clunk Noise(s) XC90

2004 XC90 FWD: My car has had clunk noise(s), mostly when making right turns and on occasion left turns on uneven pavement, in and out of driveways, and sometimes moving forward from a stop (popping noise). I have had the car at the dealer over 10 times for this same issue and they cannot seem to determine what the problem has been. They have replaced struts, bearings, stearing, tightened, tweeked, many many things and it still continues to happen. It is not a wear and tear noise, it is very obvious and started at about 10K miles and I now have 55K miles. Has anyone had this similar issue? Help!


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New 2004 XC90 FWD - Frontend Clunk Noise(s) [XC90]
posted by  acapalbo  on Fri Mar 17 05:56 CST 2006 >

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