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S80 T6 60k inspection S80

I just completed the 60k inspection on my 1999 Volvo S80 T6. I bought the parts and did it myself in the garage. It took quite a while (12 hours over both weekend days) because I had no manuals, only minimal guidance from the dealer service folks, and sketchy info from AllData.com. It wasn't too bad, though. The biggest hassle was getting to the PCV orifice that needs to be cleaned. The intake manifold comes out to access it. The parts folks indicated that while I was in there I should replace the seals between the oil separator and the block, as they see them start to leak about this mileage. That took additional time to remove the alternator, remove and support the A/C compressor, and unbolt the bracket holding the accessories to the block. With it shifted to the left I could access the left bolt on the oil separator and remove it. I did get slowed down a bit by the fuel line quick disconnect located just below the intake manifold. It is the standard Ford type, but it took a while to get it worked off. The Volvo tech indicated he has troubles with that one as well. I also had a bit of difficulty getting it to engage far enough when re-assembling. Once I got it though, it sealed tight - no leaks. Removal of the intake manifold was the easiset part of the job. The harder part was getting all of the air plumbing out of the way first.

Interstingly, my PCV orifice was not really dirty, but that may be because I use synthetic oil and change it every 3000 miles.

The other thing that was somewhat time consuming was replacing the serpentine drive belt. You first relieve tension by rotating the tensioner pully about its pivot, then remove the belt from the power steering pump. Next you pull the right front wheel and pull a small metal plate off the wheel well cover. By doing this you can then pull back the plastic wheel well cover to gain access to the vibration damper on the crankshaft. Removing 4 bolts allows it to be removed and the old belt can be slipped off the crankshaft pulley and a new on slipped on. This wasn't too bad, and took a couple of hours. Note that the official time (from AllData) is 0.7 hours, but that is if you do these things on a regular basis.

I also found that to get the airbox out you need to break the 3 plastic connectors that hold it in. Even the Volvo techs indicated that it is hard to get them off without breaking them. I would recommend planning to purcase 3 new ones before you start. They're only ~$4.00 each with the volvo club discount.

Total cost of the deal, including coolant and a couple of new wheel hub covers was $260.

If you'd like to get to know your engine better and are mechanically inclinded, I'd recommend doing this yourself. Othewise you'd be better off paying the dealer.



New S80 T6 60k inspection [S80]
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