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Drive shaft center bearing and viscous coupler Bearings V70 V70-XC70

Klaz, If you are still here??

I noticed your post way back in 2003. I couldn't figure out how to respond to it -- perhaps because the thread has somehow expired??

I have a 98 XC that is making a similar noise. Today I got a pal to hoist the car and we listened to the noise from beneath (not something you want to do in the driveway?).

Anyway, we're in Canada and our bearing supplier didn't have any idea which bearing it might be.
Do you happen to have a record of the bearing you bought to replace it?
Any major bearing manufacturer will do.

Thanks for your post(s). By the way, is this a job I can do in the driveway? If the car is only up a foot (i.e. on jackstands) do you recall there being enough room beneath to remove the drive shaft?

Here's the old post:
| Driveshaft center bearing- Lesson #1
| The support bearing on the driveshaft assembly started making noise at
| 75k miles. Now, I replaced the bearing on the drive shaft earlier for
| $43 by taking the drive shaft assembly to a driveline shop. They
| replaced the bearing. Volvo wanted $1700 for the driveshaft assembly
| new or I was quoted $800 for a remanufactured assembly.
| Viscous coupler support bearing- Lesson #2
| Well, I have finally found my second whirring/grinding noise on my
| 1998 v70 awd with 127K miles. It was the bearing which supports the
| viscous coupler, just ahead of the differential. The dealer quoted me
| $616 for the replacement assembly to replace the bearing supporting
| the viscous coupler. No, none of the prices from dealers include
| labor. Right now my viscous coupler support piece is having a new
| bearing pressed into it. Might cost me $70. I'll report back later
| today. If they break it or something, I will have a two wheel drive
| volvo. Not a bad idea afterall.
| IN General. . .
| What you need to remember is these are wear parts. All of your
| bearings will wear out, each and everyone of you will have these
| problems if you have the car long enough and drive far enough. You
| can't wear them out by pressing on the gas pedal harder or taking
| corners too fast, they support relatively light pieces and all they do
| is spin, no torque is felt by these parts, they just sit and spin. It
| should not cost $616 to replace a part which costs maybe $25. You is
| bein' takin' for a ride, and it ain't by your volvo. I will look into
| posting the process of replacing the viscous coupler bearing on Bay
| 13. The driveline bearing replacement process is part of the same.
| The great volvo car corporate assumption "owners are smart enough to
| make the money to buy a volvo, but too dumb to fix'em"
| Good luck Volvo AWD owners, remember to change your auto transimisison
| fluid every 20k miles, keep all four tire circumferences the same,
| change rear brake pads twice as often as fronts if you use volvo pads,
| and if you have a bit of gumption, never take it to a dealer for
| repair.


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New Drive shaft center bearing and viscous coupler Bearings V70 [V70-XC70]
posted by  matz  on Wed Oct 12 02:20 CST 2005 >

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