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Groaning, squeaking, creaking sound in-sync with wheel rpm... V70-XC70 1998

The other day my XC70 was a clunking, vibrating mess. I replaced the sway bar links, replaced the front(right) motor mount (which had totally disintegrated) and the upper torsion motor mount. I replaced the pads and inspected the area. The CV boots all look good, the other motor mount (rear/left) looked OK. I took it out for a spin and it was amazing. Quiet and smooth, until I came to a stop. Now I can hear a creaking sound as I slow below 5 mph. The sound slows with the car until I stop.

I slowed to less than 5 mph and let off the brakes, and it's still there.
I put it in neutral, and still hear it.
The harder I brake, the louder the noise.
It seems louder when I am turning right.
The sound eminates from the drivers front wheel area.
If I take off from a stop at less than 5 mph, I don't hear it. It's like the car needs to be leaning forward to make the noise.
With the car jacked, I can turn the wheel, but no noises. It must need the pressure.

Does anyone have an ideas? CV joint? Ball Joint? Front Hub? It's making me crazy.



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New Groaning, squeaking, creaking sound in-sync with wheel rpm... [V70-XC70][1998]
posted by  cbryan  on Tue Oct 11 09:23 CST 2005 >

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