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Manual Transmission makes a "Buzzing' sound - What to do? 850 1996

Hello All,

I have a 1996 850 GLT wagon with a 5 speed manual transmission with just over 330,000 miles. Recently, a "buzzing" noise has been coming from the transmission. You will hear it in all gears, and it is louder when you are accelerating and the transmission under a load. However, once you reach a cruising speed the level of this "buzzing' noise subsides, but it does not go away. It just isn't as pronounced. It almost sounds the buzzing of a bee coming from the transmission.

By the way, I have changed the gear oil in this transmission every 100,000 miles. I demonstrated this noise to my private mechanic who specializes in Volvos. He told me one of the internal components in the transmission is worn. He said the noise could remain at this level for years, without any effect on the performance of the transmission. He said that eventually, the noise will increase to a point where it will be very noticeable. It really isn't now. It takes a trained ear to detect it. He said to eliminate this noise, the transmission would have to be removed and taken apart. He said not only the component that is worn would have to be replaced, but other internal parts because of the age of the transmission should be replaced. He recommended to do nothing and continue to drive the car as is, until if or when it become worse. If the transmission has to be repaired, he recommended buying a used transmission with fewer miles over incurring the cost of rebuilding the original transmission. By the way, I do not know if this is related to the transmission noise, but sometimes I can't get the car into reverse unless, I put the transmission in first, let up slightly on the clutch pedal and then the transmission easily slips into reverse.

I am not keen about purchasing a used transmission, because I will have no idea what kind of shape it is in. Yes, I could probably find a used transmission with fewer miles but I will have not idea what its internal condition will be. Any used transmission will be about 20 years old. In contrast, if I incur the expense of rebuilding the transmission, I will be assured of its internal condition. Yes, it will cost me more money to do, but I won't have any questions marks that come with purchasing a used transmission. Also, I keep my car "original", i.e. it has its original engine and transmission. I realize of course a 23 year old Volvo wagon is not some classic car.

I would like to hear the opinions of others in regard to whether I should just purchase a used manual transmission, or incur the expense of having the original transmission rebuilt. I don't have to fix this problem tomorrow, but someday I may have to make a decision so I welcome all suggestions and advice. I will keep an open mind despite my preference. I just appreciate the advice and insights I receive on this web site. Thanks to all who respond.



New Manual Transmission makes a &quot;Buzzing' sound - What to do? [850][1996]
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