AWD - S60 DTC P0090, either runs fine or dies right away

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S60 DTC P0090, either runs fine or dies right away

The end of the story... it was the PEM, as predicted. Easy enough to install. Many available on eBay.

Took the good advice to review YouTube how to videos, very helpful since the job involves working with something you can barely see.

Adding my experience to maybe save someone a few minutes scrounging around on the driveway. You need a 7mm socket, or a 9/32 is close enough. Buy a PEM that came from inside a car, it will have Velcro on the back. Part numbers won’t match but apparently they all work the same. You have to take off the Velcro or it won’t fit in the above-tank slot.

Thanks for spot-on help,



New S60 DTC P0090, either runs fine or dies right away
posted by  thaywood  on Fri Apr 19 10:20 CST 2019 >

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