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Transmission leak source (97 850) 850

So after finally getting most of the fixin' done on my car (just need to swap tires, headlights, sway bars and eventually replace the headliner), I have decided that the next "major" thing I'm going to do is figure out the transmission leak.

I don't know if it's the transmission gasket itself, or the cooling lines. I have been told that the 850's are less inclined to leak from the gasket and more likely to leak from the cooling lines.

I haven't looked at it closely yet (it's in the street now and it's cold and dark so I won't be looking tonight). What I do know is the bottom of the transmission is where it's dripping from, and it's not so clear if it's coming from where the lines clip into the radiator itself.

IF it is the cooling lines, are the O-rings for those the same on both ends of the hoses? I have seen kits on line, but they seem to be for O-rings at the radiator connection, and not the transmission connection itself.

Do the lines into the transmissions connect to the transmission in a similar fashion to the ones that go into the radiator? Are they the same O-rings?
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New Transmission leak source (97 850) [850]
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