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2006 S60 Low Oil pressure warning message and light S60 2006

I was going to have the pan dropped to investigate further, which would have been a good idea, however I was pressed for time as my son was going to take this car on a long journey, and was leaving before I could get the car scheduled and into a shop for the work. So I thought through the issues and came up with this method. I am NOT saying that you should do this, it is just what worked for me. I came to believe that it was the screen on the oil pickup was clogged, and came up with a way to 'clean' it without removing the oil pan.

We drained the oil while it was hot, and took out the oil filter. We cleaned all the crud out of the filter housing with carb cleaner spray and put it back on with no filter in it. Then let the car cool for an hour, and then added 4 1/2 quarts of kerosene to into the oil filler. We pulled the fuel fuses out so the car would not start. Then we just tapped the key enough to get the motor to crank a little bit. I did not want to crank it over fully and distribute the kerosene all the way through the engine, rather I was thinking by pulsing the kerosene up and down through the oil pickup tube, it would hopefully dissolve and knock out the crap that the was blocking the screen. We did about 50 cycles like this, until the battery go weak. A couple of times the motor did crank a full revolution, but we tried not to. Then we drained the kerosene, and took the filter housing back off. I expected the filter housing to be full of kerosene, but to my surprise it was empty, except for a glob of black thick sludge. Maybe 2 tablespoons worth. I still have no idea where this came from, and how it got into the housing, but no kerosene did. We put a fresh filter in, and refilled with fresh oil. Started it back up, and then drove it for about 500 miles. The oil pressure light did not return at all during this time, but the car was not pushed as we knew there would still be some amount of residual kerosene thinning the oil. Then we drained it and filled with mobil 1. The oil housing had again accumlated a fairly large amount of crud, as did the filter. I guess this was just mre of what was knocked loose when we cycled the kerosene. My son then successfully then drove it 4000 miles across the country, with no oil messages or lights coming on. So again, I am not telling anyone to use this method, just telling you what worked for us. If you read about using kerosene in an engine you will find all kinds of horror stories, but those are usually from people who have never actually done it, just regurgitating what they read from others telling stories. I read that after using kerosene every seal would fail and oil would pour out from every gasket. This did not happen. I of course didnt crank it all the way through the engine, and I didnt leave the kerosene in the engine longer than necessary.


New 2006 S60 Oil pressure warning message and light [S60][2006]
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