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Purchasing a S60 2008 Model Year S60 2008

Looking at potentially purchasing a Volvo S60 with 100,000 Kilometers (60K Miles) on it.

It is a non turbo 5cyl (car is in Australia) with FWD Auto and is an LE model.

Just wondering what I should be looking out for, as it will be potentially for my son as his first car.

The 5 cylinder non turbo I believe are good longevity in mind.

Any help greatly appreciated.
1987 740 HP Turbo, 1997 S70 T5 & 2007 XC90 D5 all still in the family.....


New Purchasing a S60 2008 Model Year [S60][2008]
posted by  JAYBEE07  on Sat Jan 5 05:52 CST 2019 >

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