AWD - air intake hose missing and something unplugged...cause of rough idle?

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air intake hose missing and something unplugged...cause of rough idle? 850

I've been having a long term issue with my car. After I had the car looked at by a "pro" (in May), it started to run a little rough at idle. I assumed it was just the new "normal". But after finishing my most recent project, I thought that sitting for 7 weeks+ was the issue.

So this weekend I checked vacuum lines and checked the plugs. The plugs were a little dirty but nothing bad. I checked the distributor and it was a little rough (so I cleaned it up). Obviously to get the distributor cap off, I had to remove the air filter box.

But in the process of putting things back together, I noticed that the air intake hose was completely missing. I think because it was not there when I started, I didn't even notice that it was gone. I cannot find it for the life of me (and haven't had a reason to take it off of the car in months).

So I'm guessing when I had the car looked at, the hose was not put back into the car (they must've taken off the air filter box).

I was looking at the bottom of the air filter box, and I noticed that there is a plug that goes into the vacuum line port. It wasn't plugged in and I knew that in order to remove the air filter box, I would have had to disconnect this plug. And if I hadn't disconnected this plug, it would've broken something. So I'm 100% certain I didn't remove it, and that it was not connected.

So I have a question. Would these issues potentially cause a rough idle?

Here is link to the plug I am talking about. It is on the bottom of the air filter box.

Here is the air intake I'm talking about (I found one at a pnp)

Sorry if this seems disjointed, I'm not sure what the names of the parts are.

1985 245. 246K Gone..but not forgotten. Sold in 2013, found 2018! Still running on the road. Of course.


New air intake hose missing and something unplugged...cause of rough idle? [850]
posted by  Shaughnessy  on Sun Nov 11 18:52 CST 2018 >

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