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2.4 timing on V-70 V70-XC70 2001

I have a timing issue on my 2.4T in 2001 v-70. Replaced the engine with a running used 2.4 out of a XC. I did not touch any of the timing. Upon start up i got a code saying timing on exhaust was advanced. When i look at the VVT pulley it appears that it has been rotated, it appears to be at the "far end" of the slotted holes and there are previous "bolt tightening marks" that it was once in a different position in the slotted holes. When i line up the three timing marks clearly the VVT pulley is out of time-doesn't line up when the other two crank and intake . Here is my question: I don't know if i should move the pulley by loosening the slotted bolts to line up the marks but this wouldn't actually change the timing which evidently needs to happen. I could rotate the cam by rotating the VVT gear as a whole to line up the marks but if the slotted bolt hole portion has been moved how do i know where correct place to start is? It just seems like somebody has monkeyed with it and i do know where to start?


New 2.4 timing on V-70 [V70-XC70][2001]
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