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AWD DISABLED - DEM-P188914 followup XC90

this is a follow up post to my previous one regarding random warning messages for the AWD Disabled. The car was not throwing ODB2 codes but the dealer pulled the above code with VIDA. Apparently the differential electronic module is saying my AWD pump malfunctioning. In hindsight, I suspect this was caused by the fact I added one new tire to the rear after having a blowout. The car had new tires (less than 10K miles) and the tire dealer said I would be fine. Dealer is quoting $850 to repair AWD issue.

Has anyone had this repair before and is it possible just the DEM is bad versus needing to replace the entire AWD pump? Also, I am considering just replacing the tires for now and seeing if the warning message returns--the theory being that the current poor tire set up is causing the DEM to flash codes, but the pump is still working properly. Might just new tires resolve the issue?

Many thanks to this resourceful group.


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New AWD DISABLED - DEM-P188914 followup [XC90]
posted by  us50931  on Sat Oct 1 03:13 CST 2011 >

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