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Volvo 240 stock and aftermarket parts for sale


My name is jeremy and i am in New Jersey, USA. I once owned a 1990 volvo 240 DL and i hooked it up. Before i sold the car four years ago i took some parts off and they have been sitting in my basement covered over for the whole time. I figured i would post what i had on here and hopefully someone might have a use or interest in what i got.

As far as prices go, you make me an offer and we go from there and be reasonable please.

The parts are:

- Drive and Passenger front door armrest - black.
- Head rests for the back seat (left and right headrests) - black
- Driverside headlight fiberglass eyelids - I have two of them but no passenger side ones.
- 100% Clear tail lights with brand new gaskets, circuit boards and colored bulbs (a full set right and left)
- Clear headlight covers made by Wade, never used as i bought them and found they didnt fit my headlights at the time, since before i had bought euro headlights and the covers only work on domestic models.
- Vent Cover for fender - Not fully functional, just for looks - black
- Stock tail lights with circuit boards but no bulbs or gaskets. - fully functional, no cracks or faded portions.
- 4 NGK Spark Plugs bought from www.IPDUSA.com in their box and never used.
- Reverse Replacement lenses - I have two of them.
- Front Blinker/Running Light Covers - The corners - I have a full pair of clear domestic (this domestic version has no orange pieces on them) and a full pair of euro version as well. a pair meaning i have the left and right ones. The domestic ones were on the car originally and I bought the Euro ones but never got the chance to put them on the car.
- Wiper arms and blades - the left and right ones, a full set - silver.
- Upper chassis braces from ipdusa.com but missing mounting hardware.

Wel, i hope this list is extensive enough. I hope someone out there is interested in these items. I can ship via ups from my work or via usps if needed or you can come by and pick them up or i can meet you somewhere and go from there. my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me directly for photos and other info if needed.

Thanks Again for taking you time to read this.

Jeremy Hill


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