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There are basically two brands -- I have both (my review of each herein)....

Glad to hear that you're looking for Euroheadlights. There are two generally two brands available -- and I have both.

The poorer one is marked "JBAuto" in the lower corner of the headlight's lens. The optics is far, far better than the US-market headlights, and if you've never had e-codes (in place of sealed beams) you'll be amazed at the benefits of the European lighting pattern, in both high beam but especially in low beam -- it's as if you've been blind until now. They're certainly worth the money, but don't pay premium prices for them because, as I've said, they're the poorer of the two brands. I bought them first, and put them on my wife's '93 (I wanted her to have the benefits more than me) -- but quickly discovered their quality was disappointing in the following ways:
1) the optics were a little blotchy -- i.e., there are distracting non-uniform shadows in the illuminated field which I find distracting, compared with the smooth, uniform illuminated fields of the Cibie-brand e-codes (sealed beam replacements) that I've used for (literally) several decades.
2) the adjusters for aiming the reflector are stiff and balky -- they don't move smoothly and tend to actually get stuck and require some brute force.
3) I experienced a failure of the internal nylon connector (between the aiming screw and the tip of the reflector) while first aiming the headlights that required "down time" while I got a replacement (fortunately, they're available from US dealers, p/n 1307452-1, $1.94 each) and opened the housing and replaced it.
4) Worst of all, though, the mounting studs on the back (they hold the headlight onto the car) fail -- they're merely pressed into holes in the plastic housing, and (in my case) soon pulled out, leaving the headlights to literally dangle, held only by the wiring! Yes, my wife drove into the garage one day and I watched with horror as the headlights were protruding a few inches forward, resting on the bumper! I had to glue the studs back into place (and fortunately, they've now held for several years).
So, I repeat that they're far better than anything you have now in your car and therefore worth some investment, but they're not worth a *large* investment -- if you have to pay a lot, consider the alternative brand.

The second brand is the Volvo original equipment (boxes may be marked "Valeo") that came from the factory on European market cars -- the headlight lenses will be clearly marked Cibie! They are expensive -- my daughter, a lawyer, bought them for me as a birthday present (after hearing my comments on Mom's headlights) while on a business trip to Europe (she didn't tell me how much they cost, but I know it was a lot!) and I put them on my own '93. They are top of the line in quality in every way. Their optics are smooth/uniform, every bit as good as the e-codes I've always used; the adjusters work smooth as butter, and the studs are *molded* deep into the plastic so they cannot be pulled out without literally breaking the plastic housing!

I would suggest having your friend (the one going to Belgium) get a price on the JBAuto brand and on the Volvo-Cibie brand, and then let you decide based on what you can afford. But in either case, remember that these are far, far better than your US headlights.

Good luck.


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