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ZDDP Oil Additive 444-544

I can't offer opinion on the additive. Don't want to, even if I could.

But, am I not the only one that's noticed our engines are lasting longer these days? 25 years ago when I started driving, a B20 was good for 150k miles. If well cared for. (Not talking about Irv.. he's special)...

Now, the same engines are good for twice as long, or more. Case in point, my '65 1800. I've put a quarter million miles on that engine, it still runs as strong as the day I bought it. And I quit changing the oil 50k miles before I semi-retired the car. No smoke still, minimal oil usage.. (a quart per 3k-ish)

And it's not just B20s... it's all cars.

I think it's just that the oil out there is better than what was available back in the day.

Just get good stuff and go!
-Matt I ♥ my ♂


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New ZDDP Oil Additive [444-544]
posted by  59445  on Thu Dec 22 08:01 CST 2011 >

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