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Best way to remove headlight lens? 200 1989

I know the headlight lens pulls forward to release from the assembly, but when the lens is on there good (i'm not sure with what) what's a good method for removal? I know the grille needs to be removed, do you then start working on the seal right next to the grille? Then, carefully pry all around and off? Or, should the chrome trim be removed, and the seal released with some sort of solvent or a heated putty knife?
On my previous 245, the lens was just falling off, making it easy to scoot it all under that chrome trim on top, and take off. Cleaning and replacement is the easy part, by washing, drying, and sealing it all up again with a clear sealant. I guess I'd like some input/success stories before I start pulling and prying on 22 year old plastic parts.


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New Best way to remove headlight lens? [200][1989]
posted by  B0RK ^3  on Mon Oct 24 11:04 CST 2011 >

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