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Waso Gas Cap, Lock Picked... 120-130

Got it open using a modified hacksaw blade and a dental type pick/probe. Sprayed the lock with lubricant first to ease the mechanism.

Tried for a while using various tools and can only say that the pick needs to be somewhat stout. A paper clip wasn't very effective, tried for a couple hours with different makeshift tools. After trying the probe it was open within a couple of minutes.

Someone who knows what they are doing could probable get it using something less rigid but the paper clip didn't do it for me.

Just tips for anyone that ever has to try to pick a lock.

I'll likely just disable the cap lock. It has some dings in it so I can't see going to the trouble of having it rekeyed. I'm in a much lower crime area now in any case. If I feel I need another I'll just buy new I think.

-Mario E.

Lawrence, KS


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New Waso Gas Cap, Lock Picked... [120-130]
posted by  mario_e  on Tue Mar 7 08:23 CST 2006 >

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