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945 rear washer no-squirt 900

I know it's not a big thing but if it can save somebody what I just went through:

It took an hour of prying off trim panels etc. and cutting/reconnecting the line to trace a blocked rear washer line (it really could't run farther and stay in the car!) to a failed check valve just ahead of the right-rear light cluster. I could feel the valve through the light cluster access panel, but I couldn't pull it free to replace it because the line was clipped to the body just behind the tool kit. Once I got that panel off, I could liberate the valve and replace it with an in-line connector, and now we have wash! I left enough slack to replace the connector with a new check valve through the light cluster panel, if I feel the need.

So if you have a no-squirt situation at the rear, try there first. I think check valves are cheap.


One car, a 945. Don't need anything else.


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New 945 rear washer no-squirt [900]
posted by  someone claiming to be Orian Bliver  on Sun Nov 20 15:06 CST 2005 >

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