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Volvo model database - your feedback is requested


As some of you may be aware, I put together a database of Volvo models as an aid to owners / boneyard pickers who want to know what engines, transmissions, etc are in a particular model in a given year and, perhaps more importantly, what other years and models have the same components. From that database I generated some web pages for handy lookup. See for the web pages.

The model database is stored in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that you can download for your own use at

There is a lot of information missing and I am sure there are mistakes aplenty. I would appreciate it if you would give the data the once over and offer corrections, additions and critique.

This mesage is cross posted to the AWD and RWD forums.



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New Volvo model database - your feedback is requested
posted by  garlandw  on Tue Dec 20 12:30 CST 2011 >

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