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2003 S40 3309 S40-V40

Just like in your owner's manual on page 122:
Automatic transmission fluid Quality: JWS-3309 P/N 1161540 Capacity: 8 US qts. (7.6 liters)

According to the product data sheet, Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle fits every modern tranny type, from DexII to MERC to 3309. But, beware, the toyota 3309 trannies are not listed.

You could send Castrol an email and ask about the S40 tranny and see if they will guarantee it????

Toyota 3309 will work.

My advice is free, so you got what you paid for...


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New Which tranny fluid? [S40-V40]
posted by  AlanS  on Sat Dec 3 21:05 CST 2011 >

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